Monthly Archives: December 2017

New Year

Around the world millions of people eagerly count down towards the new year and, whilst I may be staying home to play board games with my family, I feel as though this might be a good time to reflect on what has happened this year. If you had told me at the start of 2017… Read more »

Less than 3 weeks………………

Everything is now feeling very close. Christmas has now passed and, as indicated by the title, there are less than 3 weeks until I leave. I must admit, I feel a little under prepared. I’m not sure I could communicate anything of great importance in Norwegian (though I am beginning to figure out how to… Read more »

Less than a month….

As of the 22nd December, I officially have 28 days until I leave the country on my trip of a lifetime. 672 hours until I get on the plane and (after various stop overs) arrive in Norway. Now that school is finished for the year everything seems really close! A month is a long time… Read more »