Monthly Archives: April 2018

3 Months!!!!!!!

Today marks the three month anniversary of my arrival in Norway, yesterday was the three month anniversary of my departure from Australia. I can definitely say that nothing would have prepared me for the adventure that my exchange has been. It has certainly been harder than I ever expected but I now know that expectations… Read more »

The Result……..

Quick note: Please read previous blog post ‘Cloudberries and Championships’ first.   24 hours on from my first (and quite probably last) performance in the Annual District Skolekorps Championship I am proud to announce that Strommen og Skjetten Skolekorps received 9th place (the fact that there were only 9 bands doesn’t really matter). I write… Read more »

Cloudberries and Championships

It’s crazy to think that I’ve been living in Norway for almost 3 months, I don’t know how long I think I’ve been here but it certainly isn’t that. Things have finally started to settle down and I’m gradually finding my own ‘normal’. Despite my previous sentence life has still been pretty crazy but it’s… Read more »


Easter is the first ‘holiday’ I’ve spent abroad. Sure I’ve had school holidays but this is the first one where I was acutely aware of the specific traditions my family had in Australia and thus could sort or compare to Norwegian traditions. My experiences of Easter in Australia have always been quite focused around the… Read more »