Monthly Archives: May 2018

The 17th of May Explained

Tomorrow is perhaps the most important day on the Norwegian Day. The 17th of May is the Norwegian National Day/Children’s Day/Constitution Day (it goes by a couple of days). I’m writing this post before the day so that you know a little about what it is and what it involves before you read the blog… Read more »

Further appreciation of Spring

This past week I have had two days off school (there was a religious holiday on Thursday and as a result we had Friday off as well). I took this opportunity to explore the Botanical Gardens and let’s just say it was a day very well spent. I’ve included some pictures of it below. Ironically… Read more »

Spring in Norway

Someone finally gave Norway the heads up that we are in Spring and the much awaited warm weather has finally arrived. After enduring the longest, coldest and snowiest Winter that has occurred in Norway during my lifetime the snow is now nearly completely gone. As you can imagine, Norwegians love the warm weather. Some people… Read more »