Korps Tour to Arendal

When I first started playing the saxophone in year 3 I would never imagined the opportunities it would give me whilst on the other side of the world. Playing as a member of Strømmen og Skjetten Skolekorps has definitely been a highlight of my exchange. I have been able to meet like-minded music lovers, learn… Read more »

Taking Stock For July

My mum sent me a link recently to a blog post done by a page called ‘Meet Me At Mike’s’ that presented the idea of ‘taking stock’ for a month and so I figured it could be a pretty cool way to share what I’ve gotten up to in July. So, I present you with… Read more »

The Halfway Post

I’ve been trying to figure out what I should write in my halfway post for a while. With nearly six months abroad under my belt I could be deemed qualified enough to give advice to future outbounds- say what and what not to pack, what to expect etc. However I often feel like I’m still… Read more »

A ‘Short Walk’

Two weeks ago I was invited to spend the long weekend with a Rotarian and his family at their cabin. It was a wonderful weekend that I thoroughly enjoyed and I was able to experience a ‘short’ Norwegian walk. Norwegian’s have very different standards for walks than we do in Australia and that was how… Read more »

My 17th of May

The 17th of May (Norwegian National Day) has now come and gone. I’ve lived through the biggest holiday on the Norwegian holiday and come out the other side with a greater love for this country than I thought would have ever been possible. So what did I do on the 17th of May? The day… Read more »

The 17th of May Explained

Tomorrow is perhaps the most important day on the Norwegian Day. The 17th of May is the Norwegian National Day/Children’s Day/Constitution Day (it goes by a couple of days). I’m writing this post before the day so that you know a little about what it is and what it involves before you read the blog… Read more »

Further appreciation of Spring

This past week I have had two days off school (there was a religious holiday on Thursday and as a result we had Friday off as well). I took this opportunity to explore the Botanical Gardens and let’s just say it was a day very well spent. I’ve included some pictures of it below. Ironically… Read more »

Spring in Norway

Someone finally gave Norway the heads up that we are in Spring and the much awaited warm weather has finally arrived. After enduring the longest, coldest and snowiest Winter that has occurred in Norway during my lifetime the snow is now nearly completely gone. As you can imagine, Norwegians love the warm weather. Some people… Read more »

3 Months!!!!!!!

Today marks the three month anniversary of my arrival in Norway, yesterday was the three month anniversary of my departure from Australia. I can definitely say that nothing would have prepared me for the adventure that my exchange has been. It has certainly been harder than I ever expected but I now know that expectations… Read more »